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Ultra Green V10 Water-Based Glow in the Dark Paint
Brightness Rating: Very High (~33000)
Duration: Very Long (24+ hours)
Glow Color: Green-Yellow
Daytime Color: Almost Clear with White-Green Tint
Brightest Glow Paint Sold Anywhere
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Paint Properties

Glow Inc.'s brand of glow in the dark paint is a custom formula designed to maximize brightness in a durable all-purpose paint.  The engineers included a suspension system that supports the relatively dense glow in the dark particles.  It contains no fillers or impurities such as ultraviolet filters, which interfere with glow pigment.  It is durable for indoor and outdoor use and adheres well to most surfaces.  Full Curing time is 24 hours.

Glow Inc only uses Grade 0 or Grade 1 pigments, while most Internet sources use Grade 4 or 5.  We add those pigments at a ratio of 2 lbs of phosphorescent pigment to 1 gallon of medium.  The combination of high grade pigments, high ratio, and quality medium results in the brightest glow in the dark paint.  In fact, our paints are typically 3 times brighter than those sold by our competitors on the Internet and 20-30 times brighter than those sold in craft stores.

If you would like to see pictures of our paints in use, visit our Gallery Page.

If you would like to ask questions or discuss our products, visit the Glow in the Dark Forum.


Glow Inc.'s water-based paints are not hazmat and can be shipped via regular methods domestically and internationally.

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