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Glow in the Dark Concrete and Grout

It is becoming popular to light driveways, sidewalks, and curbs for safety.  But traditional electrical lighting systems become obstacles and often break within a year.  Long duration Glow in the Dark products offer a great alternative and are becoming very popular.  The sun can charge the glow in the dark concrete during the day and then provide a nice glow in the evening.

Pigment Choices

Most high-end glow in the dark pigments are not compatible with water and therefore would be destroyed by rain within a year.  To solve this problem, our chemists have developed a new process that coats the particles to seal them.  Therefore, it is critical to use "Coated" products as listed on our site for concrete applications.

In most applications, you would want a long lasting, bright glow.  We would therefore suggest one of our "Ultra" products

The following are two methods we have seen employed to create glow in the dark concrete.

Method 1: Mix it with the concrete

This method is easy to perform and provides a very smooth result without any experience.  Unfortunately, it is considerably more expensive for the same amount of glow.

Add 1-10% of "Coated" Glow in the Dark Pigment to your dry concrete mix.  Continue to mix as normal.

Method 2: Shake and Glow

Professionals use this method because you can get an extremely bright glow for very low cost.  With some practice, you can also get it to be as consistent and smooth as the method above.

You need to purchase an industrial size salt shaker like those used in restaurant kitchens.  Place the powder into the shaker.

Pour your concrete following normal directions.  After it is poured, shake the powder over top of it.  You are trying to get an even, very thin layer of powder sitting on top of the concrete.  Allow to dry fully.  Sweep off excess powder.

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