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Official Statement

The owners of Glow Inc. support the legal and responsible ownership of weapons by both law enforcement and citizens.  In the unfortunate scenario where there is a need to discharge a weapon, improved accuracy lowers the probability of injury to an innocent bystander.  We feel that phosphorescent paint is a vital component of increasing this accuracy in dark environments.  Your typical criminal will not take the effort or pay the cost to apply phosphorescent paint to his weapons.  Therefore, we believe that making this information available is for the good of the community and hopefully will save a few innocent lives.

Glow in the dark paint is a great way to improve nighttime visibility of rifle and gun sights.  As with any weapon addition, we encourage you to educate yourself regarding the performance of the product in different situations.  We encourage you to use the information on our website and to analyze the weapon for several days in different lighting conditions so that you know what to expect regardless of the environment.

The only paint that we recommend using on a weapon is Ultra Green Glow in the Dark Paint.  It is literally the brightest glow in the dark paint available anywhere.  After charging from a bright light source, it will glow reasonable bright for about an hour.  It will continue to glow, albeit dimly, for another 6-10 hours.

An officer will typically enter lighted rooms throughout his shift, so the glow product performs well under these conditions.

On the other hand, if your gun is in a dark locked box and you remove it at 2am in the dark, then your sights will not be visible.

Painting Techniques for Guns and Rifles

We suggest a 3 layered painting technique for optimum performance.  If your gun or rifle has a clean gloss white paint on the sights, then you can leave it there and move on to the glow layer instructions.

Remove all paint from the site area, clean thoroughly and allow to dry.

Add a base layer of bright white, high gloss paint.  I suggest inexpensive nail polish, but any solvent or water based acrylic will work.  Allow the paint to dry between every layer.

Add a layer or more of Ultra Green Glow in the Dark Paint.

Coat with a sealer layer of clear solvent-based paint without any UV filtering additives.  Once again, I suggest inexpensive clear nail polish.  Some people opt for the more advanced clear coat that is manufactured to be resistant to gun cleaning solution.

Properly painted, the glow properties should last over 10 years with nominal degredation.

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