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Information on Phosphorescent (Glow in the Dark) Materials and Technologies

Glow in the Dark Forum - Our community forum for discussion of projects and methods.

Which Green? - A discussion of the various green glow in the dark pigments and powders available.

Light Source - Choosing a bulb to charge your glow in the dark project.

Black Lights - Detailed technical information about various black light technologies

Phosphorescent Technologies - Discusses the various technologies such as Zinc Sulfide and Strontium Aluminate.

Glow in the Dark Terminology - Discusses terms like photoluminescent and phosphorescent.

Paint or Powder? - Guide to help you decide if you should buy paint or powder for your project.

How Bright is it? - How to interpret the brightness numbers into real world examples.

Painting Techniques - Some basic guidelines on glow in the dark painting.

Choosing a Medium - How to choose a paint or other medium for your glow powder.

Almost Clear? - A discussion of our products translucence.

Emergency Lighting - Using phosphorescent products for safety, escape, and emergency markings.

Lifespan - Discusses how long will the products last in the bottle and on the surface.

Standards - The list of government standards guiding the use of glow in the dark materials.

The Grainy Issue - Technical Article on the speckled appearance of some applications.

MSDS - Official statements about the safety procedures for our products.


Project Pictures - A gallery of customer submitted photos of completed projects.

Glow in the Dark Stars - Paint stars on your ceiling with glow in the dark paint.

Glow in the Dark Candle -  Mix glow in the dark sand, rocks, and powder into your candles for a great effect.

Fishing Lures - 9/10 Fish agree, glow in the dark lures taste like metal, but are completely irresistible.

Rockets - Fly your model rockets at night when adding glow in the dark paint.

Model Airplanes - Add accents to your model airplanes for night flight.

Model Cars - Recreate neon or have the coolest flame job around on your model cars.

Glow Glass - Glow powders and sand are impressive when added to blown or molded glass.

Glow Cars - Information on painting your automobile with glow in the dark paint.

Concrete and Grout - Add glow pigment to your concrete or grout mixture.

Gun Sights - An inexpensive way to add night-sights to your weapons.

Police Flashlight - An interesting way to add some functionality to your law enforcement gear.

Glow Flashlight Mod - Add glow to your flashlight so that you can retrieve it in the dark.

Glow in the Dark Material - Make a glow in the dark T-shirt or costume.

Dot Room - An interesting room made for kids.

Shadow Wall - How to transform your shadow onto a wall for a few minutes.

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