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The hobby of model cars varies widely from delicate replica modeling to Remote Control Chaos.  The good news is that the glow in the dark paints have a similar role across the board.

Spencer of was probably the first person anywhere to use high-end glow in the dark paints on a replica.  This Honda Civic is a 1:25 scale model from the movie "The Fast and the Furious".  Spencer's models are so lifelike that we have received dozens of calls from customers thinking that this is a life-size car.

To recreate the Neon under-lighting, he used 1/4 Oz of Economy Green Glow in the Dark Powder which he mixed with his own paint.  Spencer provides a full description of his techniques at

In 2003, the miniature Zip-Zap's were all the rage.  Mike of Premium RC sent us this photo of his Purple Zap.  He put a heavy coat of Krylon Crystal Clear on the inside of a clear plastic body.  He then dumped in 1/4 Oz of Purple Glow in the Dark Powder to coat the inside.  Before it dried, he put it into place to mold it around the internal supports.  He admits that he wishes that he had not let it dry in place.  None the less, we got a chance to see this toy in action within a pitch black room.  To say the least it is a sight to see.  The day we visited, his co-workers had nicknamed him Michael Knight from Night Rider.

A big thanks to Mike and Spencer for sharing their toys and information.

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