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Shelf Life and Lifespan

How long will my paint job last?

When applied, the glow in the dark paint can recharge millions of times.  Like any paint, lifespan depends heavily on the environment.  You can greatly increase the lifespan of a paint job by applying a proper sealer and keeping the surface clean.  In most cases, the lifespan will be determined by the sealer coat.  If a proper sealer coat is chosen, we suspect that the paint would easily last 10 years outdoors in regular conditions.

Users of the older Zinc based products often reported fading caused by direct sunlight.  To date, we have not yet had any reports of this problem.

Life of unopened or sealed paint

If the glow in the dark paint is maintained in a sealed container, it should remain stable and usable for at least 2 years without any performance degradation.  We expect that it lasts a lot longer, but we have not done research past this 2 year mark.

The important point is to seal the container whenever possible to protect from air and humidity.

Powder Shelf Life and Lifespan

In a sealed container, the powder should last a very long time.  If kept properly sealed and in a dark area, you should expect less than 5% glow degradation over 10 years.

The most important thing is to keep it far away from moisture and dampness.  If you plan on long term storage, consider using disposable desiccant bags in the sealed container.

For the most part, without any special handling the powder will last longer than most people tend to store it.

Powder will have similar properties when molded into plastic or other air-tight mediums.

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