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US Shipping

Glow Inc. now sells two types of paint.  Water-based paint and any pigments are non-hazmat and can be shipped through normal methods.  Our solvent-based paints are  considered a flammable liquid. Therefore, they are subject to special shipping requirements.

This website has very advanced shipping software that determines how to separate your order and offer you a variety of shipping options depending on your location.  After you enter your location, the website actually contacts USPS and UPS to determine the current rate structure for your options and your location.

Keep in mind that if you order a product like 3 bottles of 1/2 Fl. Oz. of solvent-based paint, it can be sent in two boxes via First Class or one box via Parcel Post.  This creates some odd shipping prices, but the program does all the hard work and simply offers you method and price.

Shipping Times

The large majority of products are shipped the next business day.  We do not ship on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or federal holidays.  We do not promise or guarantee any shipping times.  The following are some average "in-transit" times for the various shipping options.

USPS Express Mail 1-2 days
USPS Priority Mail 2 days
USPS First Class 3 days
USPS Parcel Post 7-20 days
UPS Ground 3-5 days
"Mixed" options

If you order an assortment of products with different Hazmat classifications or sizes, it is sometimes advantageous to put them into separate boxes and send them using different shipping methods.  When the program determines this is beneficial, it may offer you the following options:

Mixed Fast - Send each box the fastest USPS method possible.

Mixed Cheap - Send each box via the cheapest USPS method possible regardless of delivery time.

Mixed Value - Uses the fastest method possible except Overnight.

Product Hazmat Categories

Pigment and water-based paint are not considered hazmat in any quantity and therefore require no special shipping requirements.

Solvent-based paint less than 1 Fl. Oz. (two small bottles) per box can be shipped via air, offering almost all shipping options.

Solvent-based paint less than 1 Qt. of paint per box requires special packaging and can only be sent via ground.  Therefore, a small hazmat packaging charge is added to the shipping charge.

When ordering 1 Gallon of solvent-based paint, we actually ship it as 4 separate quarts to meet the above requirements.

Solvent-based paint above 1 Gallon must be handled as full hazmat and should be arranged by our Customer Service Department.

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